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  5. "Bạn có giàu không?"

"Bạn giàu không?"

Translation:Are you rich?

July 17, 2016



This sounds like "dầu" more than "giàu", please fix this north accent which made this problem....


This is not really an errorenous pronounciation. The â in đầu is pronounced as /ə/ (like a in about, american accent) and a in giàu is /a/ (like a in father, american accent). I hear that clearly as /a/.

That word is also tricky because both "gi" and "d" is pronounced same in the northern accent. Duolingo doesn't make this any better, because it uses sometimes southern words and but pronounce them with northern accent.

Duolingo is bad for people who wants to communicate with people living in southern vietnam.


DL, if possible, can start including both southern as well as northern dialect and vocabulary, but differentiate as such? May be different sections or lessons? It would be really helpful as some of us will be conversing with/traveling to both regions. TIA!!


Nghe như "bạn có dầu không".


This was a follow-up to the last sentence I got:

  • Người đàn ông của tôi rất nghèo.
  • My man is very poor.


Same here lol


in soviet russia, rich is you

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