"What is on the television?"

Translation:Mi van a televízióban?

July 17, 2016

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we say "mi van a tv-ben?" and "mi van a tévében?" too :)


mi a televízióban? is incorrect ?


Yes. The "van" (meaning "is") is required.


why mi and not mit? Aren't we looking at direct object question here?


No - we are asking after the subject: "... is on television."


Duo credits me with way more intelligence than I have. My answer, "Mi van a televizióban?" was marked wrong, and I did not have a clue what the correct answer meant, "Mi van a tévében?" Belatedly, I've concluded it means TV-ben. I could do without obscurities while trying to get my head around this language.


"Mi van a televízióban?" should be okay, though. (Remember that the first í in televízió is long.)

It's common in Hungarian to spell out abbreviations. You can spell it TV or tévé, just as you can write both WC and vécé.


Thank you, RyagonIV for rescuing me from my dilemma about abbreviations. Also, I do get tricked by forgetting to check if an "i" or an "í" is needed. The difference in print form is very subtle and easy to overlook, so you need to know when to expect it.

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