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  5. "זה גזר כתום."

"זה גזר כתום."

Translation:This is an orange carrot.

July 17, 2016



Why can't I say "this carrot is orange"?


that would be הגזר הזה כתום


זֶה גֶּזֶר כָּתֹם. Ze gezer katom.


Did you know? Carrots come in all sorts of colours, but the orange one is particularly popular because of a trend the Dutch started, as Orange is related to their royal house and hence to related national celebrations.


Is there a good way to remember the difference between "This carrot is orange" and "This is an orange carrot" in Hebrew when it seems to be the same thing being conveyed?


this is a carrot זה גזר, it starts with זה=this is. this carrot הגזר הזה, first is a noun הגזר, second is הזה. You have to repeat it till you remember it. It is the same with all the other words. this is a woman זאת אישה, this woman האישה הזאת, this is a table זה שולחן, this table השולחן הזה etc...


Thank you so much, this is a helpful explanation


Thanks Zdeka. If there's no ה it's not specific. ? כן


Yea, ה is as a definite article the. if it is without ה , it is a word with an indefinite article. גזר a carrot, הגזר the carrot. https://www.duolingo.com/skill/he/Introduction-to-adjectives/tips-and-notes, https://www.duolingo.com/skill/he/Letters-1/tips-and-notes, https://www.duolingo.com/skill/he/Determiners/tips-and-notes. Read tips and notes, articles and this, that is explained there.


This is a common confusion. In both languages we can convey the same concept with different emphasis or shades of meaning by using different words, grammar, or word order. Note the difference in grammar: the subject of "This carrot..." is "carrot"; the subject of "This is..." is "This".

For the Hebrew forms, see the Tips for the "Adj. Intro" skill on the Duolingo website. Study everything under the "Summary of Simple Phrase Structures" heading.

Also, here's a link to the notes for many of the course skills on one web page:


I finally get it: "This" is the subject. Not "carrot."


anybody else having trouble hearing the audio


Also why does זה in the choice hvae an audio??

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