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Pronunciation guide on how to pronounce Hungarian?

I'm looking especially on how to differentiate between long and short vowels.

July 17, 2016



I backed a kickstarter campaign for a very promising pronunciation program designed to teach people how to hear & speak foreign languages with near-native proficiency. Each program is language-specific (English - German, Spanish - English, etc.). I have received 3 out of the 4 programs I contributed towards -- German, Spanish Mandarin -- and they are excellent.

Unfortunately, since Hungarian had such low demand, it's among the last on his list to complete, but his recent blog posts and updates indicate the Hungarian program is somewhere around 2-3 months away, but you can pre-order it now.

The guy's parent website is Fluent-Forever (https://fluent-forever.com/).

Here's the specific blog post he made when he figured out how to solve the pronunciation problem and decided to do the kickstarter (https://fluent-forever.com/learning-pronunciation/).

And if anyone's interested in buying any of these guides (particularly, in pre-ordering the Hungarian), that's located here (https://fluent-forever.com/product/fluent-forever-pronunciation-trainer/).


Generally a vertical line, or two above the letter mark the long vowels (á, é, í, ó, ő, ú, ű). Nothing, or two dots above the letter mean it's the shorter version.


Are the long vowels actually longer or are they different sounds?


In the case of i-í, o-ó, ö-ő, u-ú, and ü-ű, they're the same sounds, the only difference is their length. At a-á, and e-é, they're different sounds. "á" is like the one in the English word "cut", but it's much longer. "a" is pronounced similarly to "á", but you have to make your mouth narrower, somewhere between "á" and o/ó. "e" is the sound in the word "bed", while "é" is the one at the very beginning of "eight", but without the transition to "i".


I found this guy's YT channel and these particular videos helpful:

https://youtu.be/tjSQ3E1zSxo https://youtu.be/I1Aw-HzzqB4

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