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Books about hebrew, Ben-Yehuda, language projects

Hi I am currently starting a project for school, comparing the language projects of modern Hebrew, and Esperanto, in terms of:

  1. the experiences and backgrounds of Zamenhof and Ben-Yehuda

  2. the ideology of both languages

  3. the success of each

and other things

I'd be grateful if anyone has recommendations for books, websites or other resources about hebrew, the modernisation of hebrew, Ben-yehuda, and other language rejuvination projects, or any recommendations you think may be useful - I'll also be posting a similar message in the Esperanto topic

thank you :)

July 17, 2016



hi, are you a native speaker of Hebrew or do you speak Esperanto (or even native) i dont know any resources maybe wikipedia but other from that not so much. anyways im a native hebrew speaker and if you need any help you can give me your skype and il tell you all i know about ben yehuda and what i thing of those languages (i just happen to be learning Esperanto) and you can include me as a source (;


my skype is orbech356


oh i now tell by your name that you are probably a native hebrew speaker so i dont know if i can tell you something you dont know already but if you think i can than contact me


hi thank you:) unfortuntely I'm not a native speaker, and also I don't have skype. Do you have instagram by any chance?


Hi Ayelet_hebrew,

I recommend reading the following book about the revival of modern hebrew: "Tongue of the Prophets - The Life Story of Eliezer Ben Yehuda by Robert St. John". It is a very insightful book about the processes of taking a liturgical language and transforming it into a everyday spoken language. You can find the book somewhere on the net as ebook or PDF download.

Best regards, Jan


Oh my goodness! I started that book, and haven't been able to put it down since! What an amazing story! It definetely gives you more respect for Ben Yehuda and the Modern Hebrew language.


Indeed a page turner. Ben Yehuda's passion and devotion is unbelievable. Despite all the challenges he and his family had, he kept moving forward his dictionary project.

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