"Oda nem költözünk vissza."

Translation:We are not moving back there.

July 17, 2016

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"There, we are not moving back" is Yoda-english.


Report errors we must. Improve the course we shall.


And for reference, a better version would be "We are not moving back there."


It's hard enough learning Hungarian; to finish this level, you must also relearn English.


This entire skill level needs to be printed on paper, shredded, incinerated, then replaced with a bunch of short, simple, non-compound sentences that use ONE concept at a time.


I'm sure you mean, "This entire skill level need to be printed onto that paper, which goes in into the shredder, runs through the shredder, moves into the incinerator, and comes out from the incinerator."


Is this how hungarians speak


I guess this is fixed now. I typed in the old answer, "There, we are not moving back" and it's wrong now. Great!


The joys of progress. :D


I am still not 100% sure when to use "oda" and when to use "ott". Would "Ott nem költözünk vissza" be correct? If so would it mean something slightly different?


Well, the principle is simple: You use ott if something is happening at a certain place, and oda if there is a movement happening to that certain place. (Conversely, you use onnan if the movement is happening away from the certain place.)

  • Oda megyünk. - We're going over there.
  • Ott megyünk. - We're walking around at that place.
  • Onnan megyünk. - We're going (away) from there.

"Ott nem költözünk" is grammatically correct, but has very little actual meaning. It's like "As long as we're in that area, we won't move" and would probably be expressed with a different Hungarian sentence.


We are not moving back to there. Wrong ! :( I despair sometimes.


How would I say, "we eill not move back there?" Thanks.

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