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  5. "Wrth eich bodd"

"Wrth eich bodd"

Translation:In your element

July 17, 2016



I notice that ein triggers boddau. If you were speaking to more than one person would eich become wrth eich boddau or is it always fixed at bodd?


Bodd is always used with a singular person, including with chi if it is a singular chi. Boddau is used with plural ein, eich, eu.

[deactivated user]

    I've given, "delighted" at least 3 times in response to this phrase. Each time it has been accepted. This time, it's wrong, and the ONLY solution is ,"In your element". What changed?


    'Delighted' or 'in your element' are the usual translations - a bit more than just 'very happy', really.

    We will check them for consistency shortly.


    Being in your element suggests being present at an event, or taking part in an event where one is really plugged in. Being delighted suggests a response to some suprise or good news just heard. So in English we would usually choose one or t'other. How does this subtle distinction find expression in Welsh?


    I' m not sure that it does, really. There are several alternatives to wrth eich bodd, etc, but it is a very common expression in a variety of contexts. It is the expression taught on Cymreag i Oedolion courses, which is why it is the expression taught on this course.

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