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The test question covers up the language bar.

I am trying to take the Hebrew placement test, which requires switching languages and keyboards frequently to translate into either Hebrew or English. But the test questions sometimes cover up the language toolbar, so I can't switch. I am using Windows 7. What to do?

July 17, 2016



Don't use the virtual keyboard. In Windows 7, download an alternate Hebrew keyboard which switches to Hebrew when you press the keys on the real keyboard. You can easily switch between English and Hebrew by pressing alt-shift. There are keyboards available for how Hebrew speakers type, as well as putting the Hebrew letter where the English equivalent is found, making it easier for English speakers. If you Google "Hebrew keyboard", you can find videos and instructions on how to do this easily. Then you'll need to print out a Hebrew keyboard to put next to your PC until you get familiar with it. Good luck.


Dave, thank you. I didn't know about alt-shift; that solved the problem. I didn't download anything, so I was probably using the virtual keyboard in windows 7, although I do have Davkawriter. But it worked!

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