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"אם אתה לא מאמין, הכישוף לא יעבוד."

Translation:If you don't believe, the spell will not work.

July 17, 2016



כישוף would be better translated as witchcraft rather than spell. I think. Not sure.


You may be right. I'd say spell is לחש. But I'm not an expert on witchcraft and wizardry. :-)


I'm not either, but I looked up "spells and wizardry" in Morfix so as to get the right words first. For spells, the words were: כִּשּׁוּף, לַחַשׁ, קֶסֶם


no i think its better translates to spell


Is there a difference in implication with the first half of the sentence being in the present tense instead of the future? Does אם לא תאמין הכישוף לא יעבוד mean/imply something different, or could you use them interchangeably?


Good question. I don't know the answer in terms of Hebrew grammar, but it just seems to make sense in the present: if you don't believe it now, you're not going to believe it when you try to make it work.


Chances aren't good that it will work either way.

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