"Is Péter waiting for a lángos or for a beer?"

Translation:Péter egy lángost vár vagy egy sört?

July 17, 2016

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Peter vár egy langost vagy egy sört? Is this translation not correct?


It is rather weird. It asks whether it is Péter who is waiting for a lángos or a beer.
Instead, it would be more logical to ask whether it is a lángos or sör that Péter is waiting for.
Therefore, what we are asking about, what we are emphasizing, we place it in front of the verb.


what is a langos?


It's a tasty and very popular Hungarian specialty. It's a flatbread that can be topped for example with grated cheese, sour cream, bacon and onion. It looks like this:

I recommend trying it!


thank you! it looks very good indeed. I will be looking for it when I visit Hungary


Since you commented here 10 months ago, GerSzej, I do hope that in the interim you have visited Hungary, AND that you tried langos. Should you be watching your weight, just pretend it's all low calorie food and enjoy!! Even the simple version with garlic and salt flavouring is "csak menny"!!


"Mennyei!" ;)
That is, heavenly.

If you say "Csak menny!" ("Just heaven!"), people will hear:

"Csak menj!" - "Just go!"


hmmmm, egy sajtos tejfölös, nagyon finom :-)


You must try langos. So tasty! I so regret only trying a little of someone else's and not getting one for myself. Makes my mouth water just to think about having one.


Btw, it is not that difficult to make it at home... just saying. :)


good idea ......now to find a recipe

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