"Az iskola előtt keresek írókat."

Translation:I am looking for writers in front of the school.

July 17, 2016



"I look for writers in front of the school" was marked as wrong, but clearly both sentences are possible translations of the Hungarian

July 17, 2016


Did you report it?

July 17, 2016


Is anything wrong with 'I am searching for writers in front of the school' or 'I search for writers in front of the school'? Seems fine in English to me and that's an option in the translation of 'keresek'

August 4, 2016


It should be accepted, feel free to report it.

August 5, 2016


I'm looking for some angsty poetry. Nyafogos költészetet keresek.

August 3, 2016


"I look for writers before school", was what I wrote - and was marked wrong. Seems to me, "iskola előtt" is ambiguous enough to mean both "in front of the school" or "before the school" [starts].

September 2, 2016


what you suggest with the "before"-that we would say normally like this- "a tanítás(teaching) előtt keresek írókat" the only way we would say "az iskola előtt..." -talking about time-is the following situation.you are on holiday,and before the teaching starts,you want to look for writers.then we can (and do )say "az iskola előtt..." so,actually you are right,but when we use "az iskola előtt..." place comes first into our mind,not time.

September 16, 2016


Does this mean that I am in front of the school while looking for writers, or I am looking for writers, who would be in front of the school. The first being I can look for writers elsewhere as well. The second being the writers should be in front of the school, and I am looking for a particular group of writers.

September 15, 2016
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