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"До завтра мне нужно сделать упражнения пять и восемь."

Translation:I need to do exercises five and eight by tomorrow.

July 17, 2016



What case is "упражнения"?


I'm thinking Inanimate accusative plural


Genitive, I think, but I don't know why.


Here, nominative plural.

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No. It's accusative plural, which coincides with nominative plural in this instance. It's an object of the verb "сделать".
If in doubt, replace it by a word whose nominative & accusative forms are different: мне нужно сделать задачу (not задача!).


Sorry, I misread the sentence. You're right, of course.


Thanks. Do -ие normally turn into -ия like this?

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In order to make the word plural - yes.


'By tomorrow I need to do the exercises five and seven' is marked as wrong. Why?


Восемь is eight, not seven


I don't think I would use an article there. Of course, I can't speak for every English dialect.


I used this, I am not sure what is wrong about it either


Why is Завтра not in genitive form?


Same question: Why is Завтра not in genitive form since it's after до?


I would like to know as well!


I guess the formal answer here be that it actually is in genitive; it's just that it's indeclinable, so all the cases are the same.


My American ears fail to distinguish the difference in pronunciation between нужно and нужна


Нужна́ would be stressed on the final syllable.


I don't believe there is a noticeable difference. But only "нужно" is grammatical here, you can't say "нужна сделать".

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There should not be any difference. In standard Russian, unstressed "a" and "o" are pronounced the same - it's basically an а-like schwa sound (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schwa). There are, however, some local dialects that make a distinction between them and make an unstressed "о" sound о-like, but they just sound a bit funny to the majority of us native speakers.


Though, as Gwenci said, нужна is stressed on the а, so in this case there is a large difference, no? Or are you just talking about unstressed а's and о's in general?


Is "I need to do exercise five and eight until tomorrow" bad English?


I think so. It's wrong to use the singular "exercise" when there are two exercises in view.

Also saying "until" means something very different. The Russian sentence says I need to have them done by tomorrow - I do them once and it's over and done with. Your sentence means I need to be doing them until tomorrow - if I finish and it's not tomorrow yet, I need to start over and do them over again until it is tomorrow. In other words, your sentence is about working on a task for a set time period rather than completing the task.


No it is not bad english! The exercises are being referred to individually ( i.e. listed) so you can use "exercise" and not "exercises"

I guess this whole module needs to be UK language checked - gotten is archaic, classes are "at" school ( a school does not refer just to one building ) etc. The other modules seem fine and it is quite tiresome having to redo so many answers due to what I would see as bad grammar.


Thanks! Could this sentence also be understood as "doing the exercises until tomorrow"?


No, I'm 99% certain that would require an imperfective verb and I'm fairly sure it doesn't work with "до завтра" either.


I need to do exercise five and eight by Friday - with exercise in the singular - is perfectly acceptable in colloquial English.


All the more so given that Theron126 is far from unfamiliar with UK usage (which this structure has been associated with in this thread) and appears totally unaware of this colloquial structure, I am curious just how colloquial it might be.


Sorry, by tomorrow, not by Friday!


I think до завтра can be translated as either "before tomorrow" or "by tomorrow." Maybe I'm just a horrible procrastinator, but to me these aren't synonyms. The first means I have to have these done by midnight tonight. The second means there is some time tomorrow by which I must have them done (which could be as late as midnight tomorrow), so I can do them tomorrow if it's before that time. Does до завтра clearly mean one of these or the other, or does it depend on context?

Say instead of завтра (for which I don't think there's a к option) the sentence were about среда, would до среды vs к среде differ in meaning on this count?


As a native speaker of English (Irish style), "until tomorrow" would sound wrong. You use that with phrases such as waiting or lasting or enduring. It implies a duration of time rather than a point of time. So you could say "you have until tomorrow to do that" (duration) but on the other hand should say "do that by tomorrow" (deadline). In Ireland we would also say "for tomorrow" for a deadline, but Duo does not accept this.


What does this sentence mean?


In your schoolbook you have exercises numbered one through ten. You need to do the ones numbered five and eight. Further, these exercises need to be done before tomorrow.


The text is read is too fast


I put "By tomorrow i need to do lessons five and eight." They said no it should be "I need to do lessons five and eight by tomorrow". WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?


You should report it next time; at least in the English, I do not see a difference in meaning.

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"I need to do exercises five and eight until tomorrow"
- why does not accepted?


See Theron126's responses to jQuasebarth above.


I think "I have to ... " should be accepted as it would be the normal thing to say in English.


"I have to do exercises five and eight by tomorrow" is not accepted.

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I've just copied your answer & tested it: it is accepted. Either you had a typo or came across a program bug; next time take a screen shot.


Why was this answer already filled out? I've been having this issue on multiple Duolingo exercises


This kind of sentence is just too long when the program marks everything wrong for a simple mistakes in one of the words. Really frustrating, you can basically only get it correct by writing down the answer somewhere.


Is Russian like English where the word exercise can refer to physical activity or school assignments? Because ive never heard of a physical exercise referred to by a number (unless I guess its part of a fitness program) and im wondering if its common to do so in Russia


Till tomorrow... - почему не принимает?


Until tomorrow - до завтра?


Пишу правильно, а что-то не проходит.


"l need to complete exercises five and eight until tomorrow." will not work. I guess sentences like this are best to just miss and use the proposed solution.


Question about the English: is it possible to write tasks instead of exercises?


I remember someone saying that with actions we should use надо and not нужно, which is used for nouns instead. However here the latter is used. Is there any such rule? Can anyone explain?


Both надо and нужно can be used with verbs. But only нужен/нужна/нужно/нужны can be used with nouns. Надо cannot be used with nouns.


I don't understand why people are saying “until tomorrow” and “by tomorrow” have wildly different meanings here. Every speaker I have ever met used both interchangeably in similar cases. To me, both should be accepted.

“Until tomorrow, this must be done.” “By tomorrow, this must be done.”

I've never seen any difference in those and never met anyone who does until I saw this Duolingo comment section. I must be unintelligent or just insane.


The difference is small, but definitely there.

"until" implies a period of time (duration), e.g. how much time do I have; you have until tomorrow, i.e from now until tomorrow. "by" implies a point in time (deadline), e.g when is this needed; by tomorrow (a point).


To me these mean very different things. Native of USA, New York.

If you say "I must do this UNTIL tomorrow" you mean you will start now and keep doing it and not stop until tomorrow comes. If you say "I must do this BY tomorrow" you can start and finish whenever you want, as long as you finish before tomorrow ends.

So you might say "I must keep guard until Sunday" (start now, don't stop before Sunday comes or we might get attacked!) or "I must clean the house by Sunday" (we have guests on Sunday, clean whenever you want but make sure to finish before they arrive).


Whats wrong with "I need to do five and eight exercises by tomorrow"? I reported.


Five and eight exercises - tells us how many exercises, i.e in total 13.

Exercises five and eight - tells us which exercises, i.e number 5 and number 8, in total 2.


A simple question deserves a simple answer in order to avoid dozens of comments. Does "до" have other meanings in addition to "until", which is the only one DUO presented so far ? Apparently, yes, it does...

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