"These are windows, and those are chairs."

Translation:Ezek ablakok, azok pedig székek.

July 17, 2016

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Why is "ezek ablakok és azok székek" not correct? és is one of the words shown when hovering over "and."


It is correct, report it.


What kind of rule is there to "pedig"? Where does it stand, does it have a specific place, which cannot be changed or is it also possible to vary its position?


If you want to use it for contrasting, it should follow the part of the speech used as the topic part of the contrasting.


I answered Ezek ablakok, pedig azok székek, thinking "while those are chairs." I understand how azok pedig can work 'those, meanwhile, are chairs,' or close to that, though can pedig azok also work in that order?


Not really. With that word order, "pedig" means something more like "despite the fact that...". I can imagine someone complaining "How can these be tables if those are chairs? How is this possible?" :D


ezek az ablakok es azok szekek. reported


"Ezek az ablakok" would be either "these chairs (...)" or "these are the chairs" but never "these are chairs".


oh thank you, I shouldn't use 'az' there


why is 'ezek ablakok vannak és azok székek' incorrect ?


"vannak" doesn't belong to this sentence. Generally, no copula sentences (noun = noun/adjective kind of sentences) contain van or vannak.

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    I am getting really confused. The translation before was from Hungarian to the English above, asking what was Ezek as asztalok azok meg a székek. When I put exactly this text into this answer, it was marked as 'wrong' with pedig in place of the meg. Any suggestions? I think I should report it.


    This lesson's sentence has windows, not tables. I make similar mistakes applying previous lesson's words. Also, there is no definite article in the sentence, so not "Ezek az" (These are the...), but rather "Ezek" (These are...).
    But if you have provided "Ezek ablakok, azok meg székek", then yes, that should be accepted.

    [deactivated user]

      Thank you, glad I am not alone in making these mistakes. I did realise afterwards, and finally worked it out but couldn't find my OP. Probably one of those times when I should have taken a break! As Yoda might have said Difficult learning Hungarian is ;-)

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