"Ptak je mysz."

Translation:A bird is eating a mouse.

July 17, 2016

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"A bird eats a mouse" got rejected? Is there a reason? ^^


No. It's an accepted answer, it should have worked.


Why is "Bird eats mouse" incorrect???? It can have a general meaning!


,naprawdę ciężko zrozumieć co mówi lektor


What's that mean?


Co to znaczy? - "What does it mean?"

Naprawdę ciężko zrozumieć, co mówi lektor -
It is really hard to understand what the speaker says


What is the name of this owl?


Can't translate it, what does it mean?


A bird is eating a mouse.


It's ok. The mouse is probably dead, like the animals we eat.

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Jest ptak jastrzębie?)


You ate the "m", "jastrzębiem" :)

Anyway, that's rather a strange thing to say, sounds very poetic - although some people would say that it's just wrong. The best thing would be to ask "Czy ten ptak to jastrząb", alternatively "Czy ten ptak jest jastrzębiem".

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Dziękuję za pomoc) Yes, gboard is not accurate sometimes. And about czy, I noticed that it isn't used often, at least in exercises on DL. Czy is like да ли/ли in Jugoslav/Russian languages, and in Russian it is used not so often, mainly in reported speech questions. But it seems that in Polski czy is used more often, than ли in Русский. ;) P.S. Yes, I know, that there is no Yugoslavian language and never were, and when I say Yugoslavian, I mean the main languages, spoken in those countries of former SFRJ.


As a question word, "czy" is generally always optional. It often sounds more natural without it. However, using it makes it clear that you are really asking a question and it's not a surprised "What? This bird is a hawk? Seriously?".

In the Russian course, I've seen almost no ли at all, so Polish "czy" seems a lot more common.

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