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"This is tomato soup, there are tomatoes inside it."

Translation:זה מרק עגבניות, יש בתוכו עגבניות.

July 17, 2016



I was marked wrong for writing זה מרק עגבניות, יש עגבניות בתוכו. . Is this word order really wrong?


“יש עגבניות בתוכו“ Should also be ok


I was wondering the same, but are you sure this syntax is correct?


Why does it have to be "מרק עגבניות", not "מרק עגבניה"?


I believe it is because the soup is made of more than one tomato so the plural form is used. I am not sure of any other reason why it would be plural


Well, I asked a similar question (about lemonade) in the duolingo app - in my Hebrew club - and an Israeli wrote to the Hebrew language academy and asked, then paraphrased their response. It's because most of the produce (combinations) are influenced by Russian (regarding singular vs plural). With a few exceptions (mostly for Aramaic and Arabic).

If you search "Russian influence in modern Hebrew" you'll find some great links.


In my opinion, as a native English speaker, it is not strictly correct to say, "inside it" (as in, "there are tomatoes inside it".) It should be "there are tomatoes inside OF it." This may be up for interpretation because in the common vernacular, it is often said. I am curious to know what others think.


You can use either in American English. I think (depending on location) one might be more used to hearing/having it spoken as "inside of it."


The 'of' is not required in this usage. 'Of' is required only in nominal usage, e.g. 'the inside of the tomato'.


Thanks for your response, however, if people are questioning prepositions why would you think they would know terms such as "nominal usage" (which 90% of people would NOT know)?

Secondly, "inside of" and "inside" are synonymous in American English: https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/64504/inside-or-inside-of


this was considered wrong - why? זה מרק עגבניות יש עגבניות בתוכו


Don't need the OF. "Inside the house," is fine--and better. Inside OF can be used poetically


BOTH are fine.


why בתוכו , not בפנים


Inside it = בתוכה/) בתוכו)

Inside = בפנים


Ok, I think I get it. It is soup of the tomatoes and you drink it.


You've never had tomato soup before? Usually it's pureed. They do have chunky styles too. In the US it is common to serve it with a grilled cheese sandwich.

[deactivated user]

    Is there tomato free tomato soup?

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