"A gazdag olasz színésznők a hosszú, fehér autókhoz sétálnak."

Translation:The rich Italian actresses walk to the long, white cars.

July 17, 2016

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Would towards work with -hoz/-hez/-höz words as well?


That would rather be expressed with the postposition felé. "A színésznők az autók felé sétálnak."


Ah, I was wondering if you would have to express that with a postposition. Thank you for the swift response! ^_^


It marked me wrong. I put "wealthy" and it corrected it to "rich".


"..autókhoz sétálnak" so the letters z and the s from these two separate words kind of connect to give the zs sound right?


------- i don't hear what i think you're hearing: the s in leisure or treasure, casual . i hear z then s (magyarul ). perfect . . .

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I had trouble hearing it myself - I almost said "autókon" - I looked up this thread.
I think there is a shift in sound; it doesn't sound blended. The Z was covered by the S.


As they are only on their way and have not yet reached, I wrote: are walking over to - indicating the direction in which they are moving. It should be accepted.


-------- Lili, the "over " is problematical. hungarian has "-a't " to signal over, so maybe duo is being overly fussy . . .

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