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Danish Youtubers

A big part of learning a language is practice, whether that be listening to music, conversing, watching a show, or reading a book. A really good place to get nearly unlimited stores of Danish practice is actually on YouTube. You can find Danish music, but most of all (what I'm going to be focusing on) Danish YouTubers. I just went on YouTube and searched up some channels and I've compiled a list of five:

  1. CoolageBrothers (Gaming Channel)
  2. SpilDogDansk (Gaming Channel)
  3. DKGodt
  4. Astrid Delin
  5. NickRohdeTV

I haven't watched a majority of these YouTubers videos but I've watched enough to know that they post good content! I hope you find this useful! Tak!

July 17, 2016



Thanks for posting this! Even though I am not learning Danish, I still think this is a good post. : D


Yes! She's an excellent YouTube. Tak!


BrianFromDenmark is Danish, and Speaks Danish in his videos.

Fie Laursen is Danish, and Speaks Danish in her videos.

Crainer Commentates is Danish, but does not Speak Danish in his videos.


Does anyone know if there are any Danish Youtubers who have videos with closed captions / subtitles?


Thank you for this post, I watch the videos of "learn Danish with Thomas" and I think it's really good. We learn vocabulary and hearing the pronunciation helps a lot.


Really funny videos about the pronunciation of "The missing N" hilarious and useful for beginners.





ForeignFie and LearnDanishwithThomas has been recommended to me also. I haven't watched any of their videos yet but I just wanted to suggest something for more options.


Excellent thank you...


A really good danish YouTuber is Crainer but he speaks english in his videos


Hold kæft det er nice

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