"Why are you buying that shirt?"

Translation:Dlaczego kupujesz tamtą koszulę?

July 17, 2016

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How come its tamtà not tamta?


"tamtą", à is not a Polish character.

"tamta" is Nominative, used for the subject of the sentence, like "Tamta koszula jest droga" = "That shirt is expensive".

"tamtą" is Accusative, used for the direct object of the sentence, as here.


How come it is not kupisz but kupujesz? How can i know the difference?


"kupisz" is a form of the verb "kupić", which is perfective - so it refers to a finished action. It's impossible to use perfective verbs in the Present Tense. What may seem to a learner like it's a Present Tense form is actually Future Simple. "kupisz" means "you will buy".

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