"We have drunk orange juice."

Translation:Wypiłyśmy sok pomarańczowy.

July 17, 2016

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Mamy pijany sok pomarańczowy. :D


Is it incorrect to say pomarańczowy sok? The adjective must come after the noun?!?


It would sound as if you're describing the juice, and with this particular flavour, which is also a colour - as if you were saying that the juice had orange colour. Many foods names are kinda 'set phrases' and have the adjective on the second position, like for example "ser żółty".

"Jabłkowy sok" wouldn't have anything to do with any colour, but still would sound a bit off. "Sok jabłkowy" is simply "apple juice". Some natives could probably use your word order ("żółty ser" is actually not that bad), but it's really better to stick to what is most natural.


That's so interesting. I compare it to Russian, but it's the complete opposite. The fruit orange and the color orange are different words so apiel'sjinowyj sok is orange juice, and oranżewyj sok is juice that is orange. Apple juice is jabloćnyj sok and yellow cheese is zoltyj syr.


I only selected one correct answer instead of both, even though I'm a fluent Polish speaker, I actually don't know the difference between Wypilismy and Wypiłyśmy- both are marked as correct. Could someone please help explain? Thanks


Wypiliśmy is when "we drank" included at least one man or boy in the group. Wypiłyśmy is when "we" are a group of women and/or girls.


ahh yes of course! thank you va-diim, it's a very subtle difference (in terms of sound) between the masc./fem. so it didn't stick in my mind. Dziekuje :)


Proszę bardzo!


Adjectives in polish doesn't go before the noun?


They usually do. But things like flavours go rather after the noun. Besides, with this particular one, "pomarańczowy sok" could be understood as "juice that is orange in colour".

Take a look at this guide: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/21465404

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