"Nyolc lány áll a ház előtt."

Translation:Eight girls are standing in front of the house.

July 17, 2016

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I'm just curious about the word order in this sentence. I translated it correctly, but the order is a little different from what I've usually seen in these lessons, which would be: "Nyolc lány a ház előtt áll ."

Is this just another way of saying it, equally correct? Or is there a subtle reason why the original order was chosen?

Still trying to wrap my brain around word order. :)



Think about what you're trying to tell the listener.

Do you want to let them know Who is standing in front of the house? Then you would use "Nyolc lány áll a ház előtt."

Do you want to let them know Where are eight girls standing? Then you would use "Nyolc lány a ház előtt áll ."

Both sentences are fine, so if there was any reasoning behind the choice of one version or the other for this question, it was probably just that the former scenario seemed more likely. Somehow the absence of a definite article make it seem that way to me. I could imagine the second order more easily if it were "A nyolc lány a ház előtt áll."


Thank you! I know I ask a lot of questions. :) I think it will take a while for this to sink in, I probably have to read a lot of sentences that are correctly translated, so that I get more of a feel for it. (Unfortunately at the moment I don't have anyone to practice speaking with.)

Thanks again.


You can find a Hungarian chat partner to practice on interpal.com :)


I just tried this, and discovered that "this domain is for sale." So I guess they're not there anymore! Thanks anyway.


Oh I am sorry, I was wrong! The correct URL is: https://www.interpals.net/


Is it bad English to say "on front of the house"?


"On front" of the house is not good, no. "On front" just isn't English.

(You can talk about something being "on the front of the house" but in that phrase, "front" is a noun. And it means something very different from, "in front of the house".)


I hear not clearly

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