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How to remove a language from my profile?

Hi, I´m learning Spanish with my friend on Duolingo, it has been fun for us to try to catch up each others´ points every day, and we always have less than 200 points´ difference. But today, just out of curiosity, I tried the French (which I speak already) module and did a ¨shortcut¨ test, then bang! I´ve got 2000 extra points from it and I´m now way ahead of my friend which really spoils the fun of learning together :( So I´d like to know if there is any way I can remove French from my profile and get rid of the 2000 extra points? Thank you!!

January 31, 2013



En, I am the poor friend that got left far far behind :-(


You can still compare points in the languages you're learning, if you hover over your skill points in the leaderboard section or on your profile it will show you which languages you gained the skill points from, so you can just pay attention to the Spanish score and ignore the French score.


Zhyl on the duolingo reddit community said that Luis posted somewhere that they're planning to add this functionality, so hold tight, it seems like it's coming! :) http://www.reddit.com/r/duolingo/comments/17mpol/is_it_possible_to_reset_my_progress_in_a_language/


Oh that´s good news!! Thank you :)


Looking forward to this, thanks for the information!


OK I guess there's no such functionality as removing a language we learned, but yeah I should just ignore the 2000 French points and continue our 'competition' :-D Thank you jaxx and sentrythedefiant :)


I have the problem. I have been learning German and have got through all the lessons. Recently I accidentally click on Portuguese and now find it on my profile. I only have enough time to do the translations from German. I don't want to start on another language just now, maybe later, and I don't think I'll choose Portuguese.


Same problem here :) I hope Duolingo will enable this feature which does not seem so complex. Cheers


Call ur friend over.. Ask him/her to login with their acc.. Then u complete HER/HIS french shortcut thingy.. So then both of youll will have less difference in the points..


Yeah I suggested that too, but she did't want to because MAYBE one day she would want to learn French too :D Well FYI, by now duolingo has already introduced the functionality of removing a language module and the problem is resolved! Thanks duolingo!


k... OMG ur level 19 in Spanish! KEWL!!

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