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  5. "I wear a new shirt."

"I wear a new shirt."

Translation:Tôi mặc một chiếc áo mới.

July 17, 2016



Is the "chiếc" necessary? I put "Tôi mặc một áo mới" and it was marked incorrect, although I seem to remember classifiers being explained as optional in their usage.


Chiếc is necessary in this sentence because it emphasizes a particular shirt that the speaker is talking about. Note that the use of classifier is not optional but varies depending on the context.


Sorry, but how the heck should I know the speaker wants to emphasize that particular shirt and not just report a banal information of wearing something new? I suppose I used to feel enthusiastic about (in a similar situation) as I was a child...


If one were emphasising a particular new shirt, the English would be "I wear THIS new shirt".


the solution tells me to use chiec, but there is no chiec to put in my answer... WTF?!


I was marked wrong even though 'chiếc' was not even available to use...

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