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"Az ausztrál gyerekek a fán játszanak."

Translation:The Australian children play in the tree.

July 18, 2016



I get that -n is for "on", but in English, this sentence would make no sense, it should be 'playing in the tree', similar to how in the previous exercise even though the exact translation would have been 'in the television', it was 'on the television'?


Yeap, I started reporting the obviously wrong ones. But I'm not a native speaker, so there are many cases where I'm not 100% sure, so please use the report feature whenever you see such examples.


Interesting :-) It makes sense for Germans. We play on the tree too. :-) But we don't sit ON the bus, like English and Hungarians.


It could be playing on the tree if for example the tree had fallen down and they were playing on the trunk.


It should be both, in and on are both well used and understood in this context


Wouldn't "in the tree" be "a fában"?

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