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English speaking

Hello everyone

First thing first

My name is Jose Manuel Silva, and I 'm 30 , I found this site a few days ago , and I like it, but it would be nice if there was a chance to speak with other students in the language we are learning it , in my case, it is the English. I'm a native Portuguese, so, we can switch some knowledge, i think.

Does Someone are available to talk on Skype ?


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Hello, Jose Silva! Use the links of the aplicatives/sites for conversation with natives of English language, it's very good! It's good to use with the Duolingo!

WeSpeke: http://pt-br.wespeke.com/index.html GoSpeke: https://www.gospeaky.com

It's more secure and you will have more privacy! Obs: But, you not desist of Duolingo! Good studies for you! :)

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Hi Marcius Guerrero

first of all thanks for responde this topic.

I will do some tests in duolingo and after that I will visit the websites you posted.

Thanks for sharing.


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