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  5. "Cảm ơn, tôi đã ăn rồi."

"Cảm ơn, tôi đã ăn rồi."

Translation:Thank you, I already ate.

July 18, 2016



' I have eaten' is not an acceptable answer. I think only, it is just as good.


I have eaten should be the correct answer, I ate is lazy american english


Where do you get the idea that "I ate" is either lazy or American? "I ate" is the simple past tense and certainly has its proper uses. I am American and answered "I have already eaten" because I could not bring myself to give Duo the answer it wanted without offering at least token resistance.


Given the fact that Vietnamese has fewer verb tenses, the correct answers for Vietnamese past tense execises should incorporate all English past tense equivalents as correct.


I think it is much better English


Some of these recent sentences are driving me mad, I keep getting marked as incorrect for things that should surely be marked correct.


And two years later, still not fixed.


is the "đã" necessary here? It seems to me that in every day speech they say "Tôi ăn rồi" only.


❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ i cannot get this right because the answer is wrong. Maybe okay for creole. But correct english would include "have"i.e I've already eaten. I've eaten already. I already ate is street talk


not to disparage the American english for this small difference, i will say that, the above is spoken in a few Asian countries.


The use of already means the verb must be perfect tense.

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