"Te szereted az iskolát?"

Translation:Do you like school?

July 18, 2016

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It's a general question, even though it uses the definite article and the definite conjugation of the verb. It's similar to things like this:

Szereted a népzenét? (Do you like folk music?)

Rajongok a rockért. (I'm a fan of rock.)

Szereted a matematikát? (Do you like math?)

Nem, inkább a kémiát szeretem. (No, I like chemistry)

Félsz a kutyáktól? (Are you afraid of dogs?)

In cases where the same sentence could be read both ways (Szereted az iskolát? could also be a question about a specific school), it's up to context to decide.


How do I recognise when to use the definite article in questions like these?


Can szereted mean both you love and you like?


Is this now a specific school and thus definite, or school and going to class in general, like the English translation implies? Shouldn't it be "Do you like the (e.g. your) school?", then?

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It can mean both. Without context I think of the general meaning.


Why not THE school at this example? Az iskola.


It could also be "the school" here.


INteresting: I translated the sentence that way but was marked wrong and given the translation "Do you like school?"

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