"The one that is moving between the taxis is purple."

Translation:Az, ami a taxik között halad, lila.

July 18, 2016

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Az a fluent speaker of Hungarian, I can say that "mozog" is also possible in place of "halad".


Wouldn't "az lila, ami ..." be correct too?


what is the difference between "amelyik" and "ami"? Why "amelyik" doesn't fit here?


As a matter of fact, "amelyik" would fit better here. "Ami" would fit more if the phrase was "That which is moving between the taxis is purple".


How do we know that the "the one" is a thing (ami) and not a person (aki)?


Uhm, why did i have this as the only correct answer? "Az, ami a taxik között halad, lila." This is mind blow for me :)


Without any context, this is somewhat of a peculiar sentence. Is the purple referring to an object or a person, for instance?

Either way, I went with, "Ami halad a taxik között az lila," -- which was instantly rejected. Is it not, however alright as an alternative translation?


Yeah I don't see anything wrong with that. To be fair though, Hungarian did just get past beta about half a year ago and is a language with a very dense vocabulary, so they might have missed some alternates.


That's slightly euphemistically formulated ;-)

According to my impressions the contributors started to add alternatives right when the course started in the beta phase.


Is "the one that" not "Ö aki"? Vagy a ila ovonö?


Sorry, what are you saying about a purple female kindergarten teacher (I assumed you meant "lila" when you said "ila")?


Yes, lila, even if I'm sure, that purple is not lila, because lila is violett and purple an own colour. There were so many strange sentences about kindergarten teachers and flying cows, that they might not even be people, but AZ.:-))


I don't understand what you were trying to say (although I did understand that you think that purple and violet are different colours, which they aren't). Could you rephrase your statement?


Hello Marcell, sorry, my English is not perfect, because I'm German. Violet is an OWN spectral color and it closer to blue. Purple is a combination of TWO spectral colours, red and blue AND closer to red. You can see the difference, when you compare the purple liturgical or royal colours with the ancient violet prunes or lilac. Some animals can see the difference a lot clearer than many humans. I can see a clear difference and there are many examples in the nature and the internet. But this has nothing to do with the flying kindergarten teachers. :-)


Wrote this exact sentence and marked it wrong.

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