"A szőrös majom kiugrik a tetőre."

Translation:The furry monkey jumps out onto the roof.

July 18, 2016

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Shouldn't "out" appear in the phrase too? "...out onto the roof"?

I mean... Does "A szoros majom ugrik a tetore" convey an idea too and is grammatically correct, albeit a different one?


Yes, it should say "out". ("...out onto the roof" is an accepted answer, too.)
Your sentence is grammatically correct and matches the suggested English translation. It doesn't specify where the monkey is coming from, though.


Where do you "benefactors" come from? Really, thanks a lot... Didn't expect it to be answered so soon!!!


My grammar sense was tingling. :)
I always get an email when someone comments on a thread I have commented on before, and I look into every thread of the sentences I encounter while learning. I really helps to understand. I'm not a native but I have good understanding on grammar in general and if there's an open question I can answer, I'll take the time to answer. Benefits everyone.


Why is "furry" no good? Elsewhere both furry and hairy works...


It's not in the database yet~


So, am i correct that you would use this sentence in the following case, there's a monkey in a helicopter, i see that there's a very hairy monkey in the helicopter and tell my friend who doesn't believe me. so the this helicopter lands on a roof, before it lands the monkey already jumps, the moment the monkey gets out of the helicopter i say to my friend. you don't believe me? look over there: "A szőrös majom kiugrik a tetőre."


It's a bit convoluted, but that would be a possible application. |D

I just imagine a monkey jumping out of a window onto a lower roof.

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