"János a turisták előtt énekel és hegedül."

Translation:János is singing and playing the violin in front of the tourists.

July 18, 2016

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It is ridiculous to translate names!!!


I don't think it's ridiculous, I would like to see that in other courses as well, simply out of curiosity. But not translating them should definitely be acceptable.


Having our answer marked as incorrect for using "János" instead of "John" seems silly for two reasons. First, you would almost always refer to someone by their actual name rather than the English equivalent, unless the named individual prefers otherwise or if they've anglicised it. I guess this statement can be rebutted because learning the Hungarian equivalent to English names (and vice versa) is an aim of the course. Second, there seems to be an inconsistency in the course - sometimes it's ok to leave the name as is (I could be wrong but I recall that Éva was fine to not translate to Eve) while for questions like this it isn't.


Keep reporting those instances with the report function. Both version should be accepted everywhere. ^-^


When someone performs, they perform before and audience. Therefore my answer was: Janos sings and plays the violin before the tourists. In this instance it is the same as: Plays for them, or plays before them, meaning in front of them as a performance.


My answer "Janos sings and plays violin in front of tourists" is marked wrong. Why?


We're talking about a specific group of tourists here, "a turisták".

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