"What is your total?"

Translation:Qual é o seu total?

January 31, 2013

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We generally don't use "que" in the beginning the sentence, in portuguese-Brazil, We use "Qual" for things, but it isn't a rule....!!!!


why is "sua" not accepted?


Hi blakerandall! Because the Portuguese word total is masculine. =]


how is the word total get a gender? I don't know how I'm going to remember this other than to memorize it.


Most words have a gender in Portuguese, just like in Spanish, fatisch. It does require some getting used to (and memorization), but they'll get easier with time.

If that wasn't complicated enough, the "a" or "o" before total can change depending on what word comes after it (if "total" is not the main word, but is there to emphasize another word). If that makes sense. Example of a case:

  • Qual é o total? = What is the total?
  • Você tem a minha total confiança = You have my total confidence/trust (the "a minha" refers to "confiança", and not total)

I hope it helps! =)


The internet seems to disagree... Wikitionary says it can either masculine or feminine ?

[deactivated user]

    When "total" is used as an adjective, it doesn't change according to the gender of the word that it is modifying. As a noun, it is masculine.


    Are there other times we should say qual instead of que?


    Yes. It is hard to explain. But generally, qual indicates you have other options, and is often used when "which" is used in English. But there are exceptions.

    Examples of when we use "qual"

    1) Qual é a sua cor preferida? --- What is your favorite color?/Which is your favorite color?
    2) Qual é a cor do seu cabelo? --- What is the color of your hair?
    3) Qual destes vocês querem? ---- Which of these do you want?
    4) Qual é o maior desses gatos? --- Which is the biggest of those cats?
    5) Qual é o melhor país do mundo? --- Which is the best country in the world?
    6) Qual é o seu signo? --- What is your sign?
    7) Qual é o sapato dela? --- Which is her shoe?
    8) Qual é o problema? --- What is the problem?
    9) Qual é o seu nome? --- What is your name?
    10) Qual computador devo usar? --- Which computer should I use?


    why does 'que' not work?


    Would 'O que' work here?


    I used "O que" and it was accepted.


    I also used the word "sua" and got it wrong but now I see that the word "total" is masculine in this case. Thanks.


    My answer: "Qual é o total de vocē?" Should have been accepted. But the system marked it wrong, allegedly because I should have put "vocēs". That's wrong, there is not way here of defininf wether or not "your" here was S or Plural!


    I did the same and also was told it was incorrect as well. Duolingo is great, but it still has bugs like this. It should say if it wants S or P (i.e. you(s.) or you(p.) for singular or plural, respectively, or you v. you all). Nós ajuda, duolingo!

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