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"Are the workers happy or sad?"

Translation:A munkások boldogok, vagy szomorúak?

July 18, 2016



Is "dolgozók" an option here instead of munkások?


It's a correct translation.


What's the rule for plural or singular adjectives?


You need plural adjectives if the subject is plural, too, and if it's a sentence of the form "[Subjects] are [adjective]", a so-called "copula sentence".
In all other cases, most importantly those with "[adjective] [Subject]" (like "the red car"), the adjectives are inserted in their base form, regardless of case or number of the noun. Let's try it:

  • az autó piros - the car is red
  • az autók pirosak - the cars are red
  • a piros autó - the red car
  • a piros autók - the red cars


Why here it was "szomorúak" instead of "szomorúk"?


Adjectives prefer using -ak/-ek as plural suffix. For instance you have idősek (instead of "idősök"), szörnyűek (instead of "szörnyűk"), or férfiak (instead of "férfik"; yes it's an adjective, too).

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