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  5. "Aren't you tired?"

"Aren't you tired?"

Translation:אינך עייף?

July 18, 2016



אינך/אינכם have these constructions been introduced and I was not paying attention or...? I guessed correctly from context, but I don't remember seeing them before/reading an explanation.


They don't get introduced or explained until one of the last 7 lessons in the tree. But you may see them show up in possible answers throughout the course. Almost for sure it would also accept

אתה לא עייף?


Oh, no wonder I was confused! The first time this sentence came up it was as אתה לא עייף but it came up with אינך/אינכם in one of the "choose all the correct translations" exercises.

Thanks for letting me know :)


Yeah, nothing. Pretty badly done. Sigh


has not been introduced yet "אינך עייף".


What exactly is אינך?


It's just the negative of יש, which is אין, plus pronominal endings. Literally, there is not to you tired(ness) or you don't have tired(ness), but in English "you aren't tired." But then put as a question.


Yes. "There is not to you" + an adjective, though. It makes for a rough parallel translation. I wish this could translate smoothly, somehow.


Actually, there is no ל here or implied either. I think a better parallel translation may be one of these:

There isn't you tired?/There is not you (being) tired?/There is not a tired you?

What do you think?


Can't you use אתה לא עייף?


Yes, of course.

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