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  5. "Ich schlafe und wohne hier."

"Ich schlafe und wohne hier."

Translation:I sleep and live here.

February 3, 2014



Bit odd. You'd think if someone told you they live here, it's a given they also sleep here. Surely they don't need to tell you that. 'This is my house where I live but I don't sleep here, I do that at my work as an air traffic controller.'


Colloquially, which is more common? "Ich lebe hier" oder "Ich wohne hier"


Does this combination of verbs sound less odd in German than in English?


This makes sense in a situation where sleeping is the object of conversation.


Well, obviously* if you live somewhere you'll sleep there too. It'll feel tortured if you had to go from place to place everyday ( that too twice a day ) . * not exactly obvious

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