"This is my peanut!"

Translation:זה הבוטן שלי!

July 18, 2016

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ze ha-bóten shelí!


Is "זהו הבוטן שלי" really a valid alternative to "זה הבוטן שלי"? I've only heard "זהו" when it's used to say "That's it". I have also heard זוהי/Zohi (Not sure how it's spelled) before though, never really understood what you're doing when you inflect it like that.


The word זהו is just a combination of זה and הוא (copula). Similarly, זוהי = זו + היא, for a feminine "it". There aren't any more inflections - the plural form is two words, אלה הם/אלה הן. So for example:

This is a table = זה שולחן/זהו שולחן

This is a lamp = זאת מנורה/זו מנורה/זוהי מנורה

This is Sodom = זאת סדום/זו סדום/זוהי סדום

The copula is mostly unnecessary, so you'd usually use זהו either when you try to sound formal or in the meaning of "that's it" or "that's all" as you mentioned (my guess - that it's an abbreviation of זהו זה).


Thanks for your detailed answer! So there is no real difference in Modern Hebrew between זאת and זו? Been wondering about that too for a while.


No difference. Zot is a little less formal


Why is הבוטן הזה שלי not acceptable? Is there a different connotation?


That would be "This peanut is mine". It's slightly different.


I never understand when to use ה- with the possessives (שלי, שלך, etc) and when not - can somebody explain, please?


You always use ה, except for a few nouns, family members, such as אמא, אבא, סבא, סבתא, חבר...

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