"We have bread and water."

Translation:Mamy chleb i wodę.

July 18, 2016

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Why can't i say "My mają chleb i wodę"?


because it is not correct in Polish.

correct declension form is "(my) mamy".

If you have heard this kind of structure from some Polish people- it is a regional dialect, not standard Polish.


Mieć/ have(have got) ja mam - I have (got) ty masz - you have (got) on ma - he has (got) ona ma - she has (got) ono ma - it has (got) my mamy - we have (got) wy macie - you have (got) oni mają - they have (got) one mają - they have (got)


Does it make any difference if you put the pronoun or not when speaking? What is the common way ?


When you use them, the speech loses its natural flow and rhythm, becomes "robotic", and it really gets on everybody's nerves. In contrast to English, you can drop them safely, because the verbs carry exactly the same information:

I have - mam
you have - masz
he/she has - ma

we have - mamy
you have - macie
they have - mają


Usually you don't, it's pretty redundant. The form of the verb makes it obvious who the subject is, and with 3rd person you will rather use something more specific (my boss / Anna / George's sisters) than he/she/they. Also, in real conversation you will have context.

You rather only use pronouns when you need to emphasize something or contrast it with something else.

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