"Kik sietnek be az új épületbe?"

Translation:Who is rushing into the new building?

July 18, 2016

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I understand that kik is plural, but I don't think "who are" is possible in English in this context. (Although I am a native speaker, I admit I could be wrong.)


Yes, it is an English irregularity, but in English, we would say 'Who is' in this instance, but not always (eg. Who are they?)


I disagree (native American English speaker, living in New Zealand for more than a decade). We could easily say "who are hurrying into the new building".


Could someone explain why it isn't besietnek but sietnek be please? Thank I you in advance!


Nicola! You have to read the tips (sometimes more than once) before starting a section. Questions and negations require separation of the prefix!

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