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"The computer and the keyboard are hardware."

Translation:Caledwedd yw'r cyfrifiadur a'r bysellfwrdd.

July 18, 2016



Is it possible to use "mae" here? I.e. "Mae'r cyfrifiadur a'r bysellfwrdd caledwedd." Surely this can be seen as a descriptive sentence as much as an identification sentence (to use terminology similar to that of Gareth King's book).


It would have to be "Mae'r cyfrifiadur a'r bysellfwrdd yn galedwedd", since you always need "yn" to connect a form of "Bod" to a verb-noun, noun or adjective.


Thanks for the quick reply. That makes sense. I knew you needed "yn" for a verb-noun or an adjective but forgot you needed it for regular nouns too. Thinking about it, you must since grammatically speaking verb-nouns are nothing but nouns themselves.

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