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"I have brown eyes and my wife has green eyes."

Translation:Я маю карі очі, а моя дружина має зелені очі.

July 18, 2016



I used "ta" and its marked wrong. Is it really incorrect in this sentence?


Conjunctions "і/та" are used to connect sentences that express similarity. Conjunction "а" is used to connect sentences that express contrast (in this case the meaning of "а" is close to "але" ("but")). For example:

  • I have brown eyes and my wife has brown eyes. (You both have the same eye color. Similarity) -> Я маю карі очі і моя дружина має карі очі.
  • I have brown eyes and my wife has green eyes. (You have different eye color. Contrast) -> Я маю карі очі, а моя дружина має зелені очі.


Thank you! I thought so, but I didn't know how strictly Ukrainians follow this rule.


Here is a breakdown:

It's all about the agreement between the subjects, verbs and objects of the two sentences you want to connect:

Ти любиш макарони, і ти любиш/ненавидиш рис (the subject is the same, so nothing else matters)

Ти любиш макарони, і вона любить макарони (both love; both love pasta)

Ти любиш макарони, а вона ненавидить (hate) макарони (both are about pasta, but the action is different)

Ти любиш макарони, а вона любить рис (the action is the same, but the object is different)


Up until this lesson, the Ukrainian course has been teaching у [когось] є as proper translation of "[somebody] has."

Now it's teaching the verb мати instead. How do the two usages relate to one another, and how strict are the Ukrainian grammar rules in their usage, one versus the other?


Both "У мене..." and "Я маю..." are accepted. "У мене є..." is not, it sounds like you have some brown eyes in your drawer or something :')


"У мене є карі очі" sounds a little weird, but without "є" it sounds fine - "У мене карі очі" and even better than "Я маю карі очі".


"У мене (є)" is the same grammar as Russian, and "Я маю" is the same grammar as Polish, Slovak, and Czech, not to mention the rest of the Western world! The latter must come from the Ukrainians under the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Galicia and Volhynia, while the former must come from Ukrainians under the Russian Empire.


I'd say "У мене/тебе/когось" is a bit more common way to express the idea of possession, or maybe just more colloquial one.


I started my sentence with "У мене є карі очі...." Is it wrong in a sentence like this? Duo rejected it.


It sounds like you have a set of brown eyes but not the ones in your head. The verb to be is mostly left out in contemporary Ukrainian.


Most Ukrainians would leave out the possessive pronoun моєї as self-evident. The sentence should be acceptable without.


У меня карі очі, а у моєї дружини зелені очі. Isn't it right for the native speakers?


Дякую! ))

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