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"A sűrű erdők is csendesek, az állatok nem üvöltenek."

Translation:The dense forests are silent too, the animals do not roar.

July 18, 2016



humans shout. animals never shout


"Üvölt" is mistranslated throughout. If I understand it correctly, it is "to make a loud noise, like or as an animal". "Roar" or "howl" are pretty good translations. "Scream" is somewhat better than "shout", but still something that mainly humans do.


Also dense forests are quiet, but not silent.


The entire English construction of this sentence is poor and makes little sense. It should say something like "Dense forests are also quiet, animals do not howl".


Since it's the specific animals in the forest that are being referred to, I think the definite article should be included on animals.


.... , az állatok nem üvöltenek should be , the animals do not roar, or better, the animals do not make a sound


the thick forests are also quiet, the animals are not roaring > my answer has the same meaning

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