"Я не їм кашу."

Translation:I do not eat porridge.

July 18, 2016

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When is the 'y' used to substitute an end letter in a Ukrainian noun, please? I cannot seem to find the rule.


When the word is feminine and it is in the accusative case.


Porridge can be made from other things than oats, hence it is a more general word for some cereal boiled until sticky. Birch tree bark and rye/barley as an example.

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    The word porridge doesn't seem to be used much in English, at least in the US. I think in England (and perhaps in Jamaica because of British influence) they refer to oatmeal as porridge. I wish they would just define Kasha as "hot cereal" to clear up confusion.


    We do not refer to oatmeal as porridge. If anyone does, they are just uneducated. Porridge and oatmeal are two completely different textures and hot cereals. Porridge is not eaten often here, but not the same. :)

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