"Are you taking my picture?"

Translation:את מצלמת אותי?

July 18, 2016

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With that said, I think a more exact/literal translation would be: Are you photographing me?


The English sentence was "are you taking my picture", so I wrote: אתה לוקח את התמונה שלי. This sentence should be "Are you taking a picture of me?"


To "take a picture" is idiomatic in English. I wouldn't transcribe it literally word-for-word into Hebrew — or into any other language, for that matter.


I would interpret אתה לוקח את התמונה שלי as someone grasping the picture of me out of a heap of photographs.


or into any other language

You have prendre une photo (de) in French, which is idiomatic and literally like the English. ;)


When you translate English to Spanish is the same, so it is possible 'Me estás tomando una foto?' I wouldn't consent in saying that some translations are not possible of being made when we can see they can, we try to perfect what we understand when what we really need is to get fluent in the understanding of the language


In Spanish, the verb "sacar" is used for taking a picture; "tomar" would have the same meaning as לקחת (i.e. אני לוקח(, so wouldn't have the same meaning as לצלם.


I agree that "are you taking my picture?" is ambiguous, but one of its meanings is synonymous with "are you taking a picture of me?"


The hints are completely messed up. Reported Jan 2021


They are not messed up. The problem is that "taking a picture" is an idiom. And you can't translate idioms word for word, which is what hints are trying to do.


But mant times when it's an expression, the hint can show more than a word. In this case ut should do that...


לצלם means to photograph.


At metsalemet oti?


there were no appropiate choices for this


Take's suggest to write לוקח.

It is no fair


No, idioms as take a picture are not literally translatable, you have to know the right verb for the combination, as you do not take the picture simply in your hand.


Me sacas una photo will be more apropiate in spanish, but in english the verb "sacar" will be to "extract". However then לקח will make more sense, same as "prende" in french. But, as long as I can figure how to say it right in hebrew I feel kosher, though is complicated

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