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  5. "An empty road."

"An empty road."

Translation:כביש ריק.

July 18, 2016



Since the word כביש has never been introduced in any lesson in Duolingo, I do not understand how we were supposed to recognize that was another word for road. SO frustrating!!


Moreover they give a hint for road in the question and it's דרך


There was no nint for דרך on my question!


The word "כביש" needs to be introduced in the lesson.


I had this with the multiple choice sentence builder. All the other words had been introduced previously so perhaps they expect us to work it out by elimination?


Agreed. Was just going to write the same comment.


When I point on road, the comes the help "דרך". But there is no card for it, there is only "כביש" which is not shown in the help.


what is כביש? Duolingo shows empty popup on it :)


in Hebrow there are very different words for different kinds of roads. a road\highway that covered with asphalt and is intended for vehicles called כביש.


So what kind of road is "דרך"?


I think דרך is more like "Way" like the slogan "There's a way", It could be יש דרך. But anyway, I'm just learning.


No, in other lessons they have children walking on a דרך


This I knew from listening to Israeli bands/ music. (Coastal Road by Ben El Tavori and Static/ "Kvish Hachof" כביש החוף....


The word "כביש" needs to be introduced and with sound


See my link to the song with the word "kvish", you can hear it repeatedly. It's the first word in the song: https://youtu.be/t2fakms1QWo

You can also hear it with TTS via the Reverso app, or on Doitinhebrew.com

Or on the Streetwise Hebrew podcast (it's really short, I'm not a fan of podcasts, but these are straightforward and generally under 10 min.) @ https://tlv1.fm/streetwise-hebrew/2019/08/20/six-is-a-beautiful-number/

There's also audio @ https://ulpan.com/how-to-say-to-cross-the-street-in-hebrew/


why isn't it דרך ריק?


the word דרך is feminine, so דרך is ריקה (and קצרה, ארוכה etc). in this specific practice road means כביש (a paved transport route - usually asphalt or concrete - used by vehicles)


How to pronounce כביש?


Though it might be more exact to say it is a street, I think that רחוב should be an equally acceptable answer. There is only a nuanced difference between a street and a road.


In English this may be true, but in Hebrew it isn't. There is a clear difference between road and street, and they do not overlap each other. רחוב is very much in a city, town, or village, whereas כביש can be anywhere. Even though it would seem that רחוב ריק and כביש ריק are two identical sentences, though they are very similar, they are not in the slightest identical.


I mean no disrespect, but I find your answer far from compelling.

According to ’׳מילון מגידו החדיש: עברי–אנגלי (Reuben Sivan and Edward A Levenston, ed., Megido Publishing Co, LTD. Tel Aviv. 1990), both רחוב (דף 634) and כביש (דף 321) mean "road" and/or "street". While according to the dictionary כביש may also mean "highway", I stand by my contention that the difference between the two words is subtle enough that either definition should be acceptable.


כביש החוף : https://youtu.be/t2fakms1QWo Put on (Hebrew, English, Portuguese) captions for the translation.


Each word in the sentence is translated when you put your cursor on it. Plus, I use a Hebrew keyboard and can type whatever I need. A bit of challenge is good for learning ;-)


The problem is that this word doesn't appear as a hint in the English to Hebrew translation.


what is the difference between כביש and רכוב?


דרך is not an option. Please fix this

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