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  5. "I do not lend notes."

"I do not lend notes."

Translation:Nie pożyczam notatek.

July 18, 2016



What is the English sentence even supposed to mean? :o


Well, imagine it's "money" instead of "notes" - is it clearer now? A fellow students wants to borrow your notes, but you don't want to do it, maybe simply because you worry that he will not give them back to you.

[deactivated user]

    Or that they want to pass the exam basing on your notes when they weren't even present on the lectures while you were present on all/most of them, that would be them passing on your cost. There is even a saying in Polish: "dobry zwyczaj - nie pożyczaj" (literally "a good custom - don't lend"). Concerning money/stuff/etc.


    In English normally you would include 'mine' or 'the', so the sentence sounds bit odd but it is perfectly correct.

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