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  5. "Én szeretek sütni."

"Én szeretek sütni."

Translation:I like to bake.

July 18, 2016



Could this also be 'I like baking'?


I do not hear the n in én on the audio.


Dont worry, if you use én or te or ő most hungarians'll look at you weird. The pronouns are useless and not uses because the person is precised through the verb itself

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so, is it that "Én" is used for emphasis in this sentence? something like this: you: i like playing chess me: (well) I like baking!


It's rather - "te nem szeretsz sütni - én szeretek sütni" that is "you don't like to bake - I like to bake". In your example sentence the emphasis is on the verb, so it would go something like: "Szeretek sakkozni - én sütni szeretek!"


Why is it szeretek and not szeretem, k is for others and m is for me

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