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  5. "The woman is eating bread."

"The woman is eating bread."

Translation:האישה אוכלת לחם.

July 18, 2016



Why there is no the sound of the word when i click on it. Without this i cant associate the word with a sound. It is hard as hell.


I know this comment is a bit late, but the course creators recorded full sentences with a real human rather than relying on Duolingo's text-to-speech system. This is meant to make the sentences sound more natural and help learners feel the rhythm of spoken Hebrew.

If it helps, there is a Memrise course that you can use in conjunction with the Duolingo course. It focuses mostly on singular words and has recordings for each word.

Learning the niqqud is also useful for note taking. I write the word or phrase in my notebook as Duolingo presents it, then I lookup the spellings with the niqqud and I include that as well, so then I can check to see if I said the word correctly while studying.


When do you write אישה and when do you write אשה?


Ha-isha okhelet lekhem.


How do I type in Hebrew? Theres no option to switch to Hebrew alphabet.


Download the hebrew keyboard in yout phone/computer settings


I can't read Hebrew much i. Need help


The Pealim site lists both אישה and אשה as isha, woman, wife, spouse. When the yod is included, there is no niqqud and when the yod is not there, there is niqqud.

We see this pattern with a lot of other words. If there are niqqud, there are less helping yod and vav.

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