"Ga i hufen os gwelwch chi'n dda ?"

Translation:May I have cream, please?

July 18, 2016



This is incorrect. It should be "Os gwelwch yn dda" or "Os gwelwch chi fod yn dda"

July 18, 2016

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There are in fact a number of variations, all of them correct.

'Os gwelwch yn dda' and 'Os gwelwch chi'n dda' are exactly the same sentence only with the addition of the pronoun in the second version. (lit:- If you will see well)

'Os gwelwch chi fod yn dda' has a slightly different literal meaning:- (If you will see to be well)

There is also the informal Os gweli di'n dda and the increasingly common loan plîs

July 19, 2016


Why is it incorrect to say "May I please have cream."??

September 25, 2018
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