"Are these airports?"

Translation:Ezek repülőterek?

July 18, 2016

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Igenis, uram, innen indulnak az óvónők.


Repülőterek ezek is not allowed?


It sounds a bit strange. Like "Airports are these?"


Yes. Hungarian uses this word order a lot, like many other strange things it does.


Wasn´t it obligatory to pot a/az right after ezek? Or is that only for azok?


Because this is not talking about "these airports" -- those two words together are not in the same noun phrase.

You could think of this sentence as "Are these, airports?" or perhaps "What about these? Are they airports?" -- the "these" stands by itself, meaning something like "these things". So it's just "ezek".

And then the "repülőtérek" comes after the subject and is the predicate, "(are) airports".

If you had written "Ezek a repülőtérek?", then ezek a repülőtérek would have belonged together as a noun phrase, and it would have been just "These airports?" -- without the meaning of "are" in it. It wouldn't be a complete sentence.


How can you tell if this is a statement or a question


If you have the TTS voice: you cannot, because this voice does not have good intonation :(

If you hear a real person, native speaker: the question intonation is different from a statement.

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