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  5. "Where is the bus?"

"Where is the bus?"

Translation:Hol van a busz?

July 18, 2016



I wrote 'A busz hol van?' as I had previously read that the word order need not change the meaning of the sentence, perhaps aside from emphasis. Is this different for questions?


Hungarian word order can be tricky, some changes are allowed, others are not, but your sentence is correct. (Here the only rule would be not to separate hol van.)


And why is - hol a busz van wrong?


Question words are inseparable from the word they refer to, which is the verb in this case. You have to treat "hol van" as one unit.


Hungarian sentence structure is so different to english... are there any tips for remembering how to structure a sentance?


the word order need not change the meaning of the sentence, perhaps aside from emphasis

don't underestimate emphasis though, it can convey painfully different meaning since the rules for it are fairly universal. Just like you don't move a part of the sentence in front randomly, in English.


What's wrong, please, with "hol van az autóbusz?"


Nothing, report it.


Nothing, report it. It was still not accepted in April 2019. I'm a native Hungarian speaker. :)

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