"Te nem ismersz jó piacokat?"

Translation:Don't you know any good markets?

July 19, 2016

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Would the sentence work "Do you not know of good markets?"


Yes, it would.


I wrote Do you know any good markets too!!


It has to have a "not" in there somewhere since there is a nem. It's an awkward sentence, though - you're right. I said Do you not know good markets? and it was accepted.


------ duo was being gentle. my, "you don't know good markets ? " - was accepted . . .

Big 23 feb 21


This seems to be one of many examples throughout the course where the question is asked in the negative. This question to me sounds like it is being asked with a surprised or incredulous attitude that the person would not know were the good markets were. If asked in English it would be less accusatory and disrespectful to simply ask if the person knew where the good markets were, without implying ignorance. Since the negative slant seems to be an oft used style, does this represent an idiom, a cultural difference, an obscure courtesy or just part of the Hungarian psyche to ask a question in a back-to-front manner? Why not simply ask, Te ismersz jó piacokat? Could anyone enlighten me please?

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