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Tips and notes for 'Preverbs'?

Are there any plans to provide tips and notes for the 'preverbs' skill, as I am far from certain as to what is going on there.
Can someone explain? (Google is adamant that I want to search for 'Hungarian proverbs' instead.)

July 19, 2016



As a native speaker I haven't tried the Hungarian course, but if I got this right, the following site may help you: http://www.hungarianreference.com/Verbs/verbal-prefixes-coverb-coverbs-meg-el-ki-le-be-fel.aspx


Thank you! That's just what I was looking for, but it uses a different terminology so I couldn't find it...


Another word for these little guys is "particles." In addition to PetiM44's link, you can have a look at the relevant section of Wikipedia's "Hungarian Verbs" page:


It's short but has a lot of useful information, and it could probably be adapted easily for use on the Tips and Notes page here.

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